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Negative Effects of Cigarette Smoking ?
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    Default Negative Effects of Cigarette Smoking ?

    Negative Effects of Cigarette Smoking ?

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    Young people who smoke or use smokeless tobacco are at immediate risk of a range of health problems, including nicotine addiction, increased cough, phlegm, and wheezing, reduced lung function and a worsening of problems from asthma. Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that makes smoking a powerful addiction.

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    Right saying Doyce dear Here . use smokeless tobacco are at immediate risk of a range of health problems, but many people not avoid,

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    Smoking five cigars a day and inhaling moderately produces the same lung cancer risk as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
    Since cigars are much larger than cigarettes, each one packs more punch. Some large cigars contain as much tobacco (and nicotine) as an entire pack of cigarettes.
    Cigar smoking can be a gateway to cigarette smoking. One study has shown that cigar smokers are more than twice as likely to take up cigarette smoking for the first time as people who have never smoked cigars.
    Cigars produce even more environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) than cigarettes, due to their size, long aging and fermentation, and long burning time. In addition to these factors, the fact that the wrapper of a cigar (made of tobacco leaf) is not very porous and burns less completely than cigarettes, the air surrounding a cigar smoker has higher concentrations of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and tar than the air around a cigarette smoker.
    The relapse rate of former cigarette smokers who smoke cigars is twice as great as the relapse rate of former cigarette smokers who do not smoke cigars.
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    There are lots of Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarette. It causes cancer of the lung; oral cavity etc. and can affect our teeth and gums also.

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    Toxic Ingredients in Cigarette Smoke

    The chemicals in cigarette smoke are inhaled into the lungs and from there travel throughout the body, causing damage in numerous ways.

    Nicotine reaches the brain in 7 to 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. Nicotine has been found in every part of a smoker's body, including breast milk.
    Carbon monoxide, which is present in cigarette smoke, binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, preventing these cells from carrying all of the oxygen they normally would. This can lead to symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) in tobacco smoke damage important genes that control the growth of cells, causing them to grow abnormally or to reproduce too rapidly. Seventy such cancer-causing chemicals have been identified in cigarette smoke to date.
    Smoking affects how the immune system functions by causing oxidative stress. This in turn causes DNA mutation, setting the stage for cancer and heart disease. Oxidative stress is also thought to be a contributor to the aging process. Antioxidants are nature's way of combating the damage oxidative stress causes to the body's cells. Smokers have less antioxidants in their blood than nonsmokers.

    Smoking is associated with higher levels of chronic inflammation, another damaging process that may result in oxidative stress.

    Cigarette smoke contains radioactive heavy metals that "stick" to the tar that collects in the lungs of smokers. Over time, this builds up and is believed to be one of the risk factors for lung cancer in smokers.

    Increased Health Risks Associated with Smoking
    Smokers face a substantial increase in risk for a number of diseases over those who don't smoke:

    Coronary Heart Disease: 2 to 4 times
    Stroke: 2 to 4 times
    Lung cancer risk for men: 23 times
    Lung cancer risk for women: 13 times
    COPD-related death: 12 to 13 times
    In the United States, cigarette smoking accounts for approximately 440,000 deaths a year. Globally, 5 million souls are lost to tobacco use annually, and if current trends continue, that number is expected to increase to 8 million by the year 2030.
    If no one smoked, cancer deaths in the U.S. would decrease by one-third.
    Lung cancer is largely a smoker's disease; 90% of men and 80% of women who succumb to lung cancer smoked.
    COPD-related deaths are also primarily caused by smoking, with 90% of these deaths traced back to cigarettes.
    Tobacco use is responsible for more deaths each year in the U.S. than all of the following combined:
    Motor vehicle injuries
    Alcohol use
    Illegal drug use
    Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the world today. Were it not for the addiction to nicotine, no one would willingly inhale any of these toxins into their body and put their health at such great risk.

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