Obesity the orthodox doctor will tell you it is your fault: you have a stomach and we have to cut it out [wrong] well your stomach is to big so we need to put a band on it [wrong] well it is your genetic profile [wrong] well you are lazy [wrong] they want to blame you because they don’t know what to do.
Obesity is a mineral deficiency even though the doctors say pica is rare it is very common. Pica an erg munches cravings to eat usually something different but it could be just an erg munches cravings to eat.
When animals get pica they are given a salt block [mineral block] and they go back to eating normal. You can see this in pregnant woman when she has a craving for crazy foods because the child is draining the minerals from her body.
There are certain minerals that when deficient cause pica like calcium, iron, phosphorus, vanadium, iodine and zinc. The best to use a multi mineral supplement that has all these minerals and you will find that your appetite will diminish and you will stat to lose weight.
When munches, cravings and appetite diminish it is easy to diet.