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The symptoms of diabetes
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    Post The symptoms of diabetes

    Some of the common 'early warning' signs of diabetes are:

    Excessive thirst

    The first symptom of diabetes is often excessive thirst that is unrelated to exercise, hot weather, or short-term illness.

    Excessive hunger

    You are still hungry all the time even though you've eaten.

    Frequent urination

    Frequent urination is often noticed because you must wake up repeatedly during the night.


    Tiredness and fatigue, possibly severe enough to make you fall asleep unexpectedly after meals, is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes.

    Sudden weight loss

    Rapid and/or sudden weight loss (any dramatic change in weight is a sign to visit a doctor)

    Get tested if you are concerned

    While many of the signs and symptoms of diabetes can also be related to other causes, testing for diabetes is very easy, and the constant/regular presence of one or more of these symptoms over an extended period of time should be cause for a visit to the doctor.
    If diabetes is suspected, tested for, and diagnosed when those symptoms first start appearing, other more serious symptoms of advanced diabetes can often be prevented or have their onset significantly delayed through diet, exercise and proper blood sugar management.

    Minor, less recognizable symptoms

    Often the 'minor' symptoms of diabetes go unrecognized, and physical and neurological problems may arise.

    Blurry vision

    Blurred vision may occur because diabetes can lead to macular degeneration and eventual blindness.


    Numbness and/or tingling in the hands and feet may occur due to peripheral neuropathy, a symptom of diabetes, causes nerve damage in the extremities)

    Slow-healing wounds

    Slow healing of minor scratches and wounds may be the result of diabetes-related impaired immune system function.

    Recurrent yeast infections
    Recurrent or hard-to-treat yeast infections in women are another sign of impaired immune function.

    Dry skin

    Dry or itchy skin may result from peripheral neuropathy which affects circulation and proper sweat gland function.

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    Diabetes happen when glucose level of body is increase.the symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst,excessive urine,low body energy,weight loss,itchy skin etc.diabetes can be controled but you can't totally get back from it.the insulin in our body helps to reduce glucose from body and make our body healthy,but diabetes reduce insulin level from body.

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    Frequent urination
    Unusual thirst
    Extreme hunger
    Unusual weight loss
    Extreme fatigue and Irritability

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    The Symptoms of Diabetes 1 is:

    Exceptional thirst
    Dry mouth
    Frequent urination
    Loss of weight
    Weakness or fatigue
    Blurred vision

    The Symptoms of Diabetes 2 is:

    Blurred vision
    Cuts or sores take a long time to heal
    Itching skin or yeast infections
    Excessive thirst
    Dry mouth
    Frequent urination
    Leg pain

    Diabetes Symptoms Are Above And Diabetes Cure Is Metformin
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    pain in joint or even blocking of joints...

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    Symptoms of diabetes mellitus (DM)

    Symptoms can be divided into three categories.

    1. Asymptomatic
    2. Acute presentation
    3. Subacute presentation

    Asymptomatic DM

    Patients, who belong to this group, have no features of DM. Urine sugar (glycosuria) or high blood sugar can be detected on routine check-up.

    Acute presentation of DM

    This is relatively common in young patients. They may complain two to six-week history of three common symptoms.

    Passage of large volume of urine (polyuria)
    Excessive thirst
    Weight loss

    If these early features are not recognised and managed, the diabetic patient can progress to ketonuria (urine with ketone bodies) and ketoacidosis (large amount of ketone bodies in the blood.)

    Subacute presentation of DM

    Subacute presentation is common in older patients, and they have clinical features for several months or years. Excessive thirst, passage of large volume of urine, and weight loss are common clinical symptoms. They may complain persistent muscle cramps, blurring of vision, lack of energy, itching of the vulva (Pruritus vulvae), or inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the penis (balanitis).

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    1.Unusual increase of thirst and urination
    2.Abnormal increase in appetite
    3.Sudden loss in weight
    4.Mental exertion or Fatigue
    5.Slow rate of healing wounds
    6.Blurry vision
    7.Dryness of skin
    8.Tingling or Numbness in Hands, Legs or Feet
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    1. Intense hunger
    2. Increased fatigue
    3. Cuts and bruises don't heal properly or quickly
    4. Sexual dysfunction among men
    Are also the common symptoms of diabetes.

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    According to my knowledge, the symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst,excessive urine,low body energy,weight loss,itchy skin etc.

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    Thanks friend for sharing your experience. I am worried abt my Mom, but thanks god she doesn't feel any of it among these symptoms.

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    If your insulin is not working properly, or is not there at all, glucose will not be entering your cells and providing them with energy. This will make you feel tired and listless.


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