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Living with a Diabetic
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    Default Living with a Diabetic

    My father has Diabetes and once he injected the insulin and forgot about it. And then he drank some scotch or something like that. He got all sweaty and dizzy and red and wouldn't tell us what happened. We gave him something sweet to eat but it was still half and hour before his face returned to its normal color. Is there anyway to reduce diabetes?? Any ayurvedic medicine? Anything??

    Also my father's family has a history of diabetes and he was diagnosed with it 6 months after I was conceived. Is there a chance I'll have diabetes?

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    Basically Diabetes is a lifestyle disease.You can control it if put control over your eating habits,do regular exercise and keep yourself active. In your fathers case it is hereditary,where you can't save yourself from having the disease as you might have those genes but you can certainly keep it under control with healthy diet and exercise.In some cases the blood sugar level decreases so much when you take insulin and not eat proper food immediately after the injection,that a condition like that can happen.So tell him to e careful in the future and make him eat healthy and balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise.

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    The allopathic doctors that use drugs and surgery to try and fix problems will tell you that diabetes can not be cured and it is a life long disease or genetic. The truth is type 2 diabetes is a mineral deficiency disease and naturopath doctors have been helping people for years.
    In 1957 Dr.Walter Mertz, that the deficiencies of chromium and vanadium are the primary cause of diabetes. When they are replaced with other support minerals the diabetes disappears. This was also proven by Dr. K. N. Jeejeebhoy of the University of British Columbia.
    In 1991, research at the university of British Columbia Vancouver stated that the trace mineral vanadium could replace prescription insulin for treating and managing type 2 diabetes.
    This is not new information but has been hidden because it is not profitable for the drug companies.
    Even type 1 diabetes can be helped by these minerals but not cured.
    Diabetes is a bad disease that it leads to poor circulation in extremities, blindness, and increased heart problems even on drugs.
    Enjoying perfect health and going to live beyond 120 years

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