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Hypersalivating/drooling unless I eat large amounts of meat very regularly

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    Default Hypersalivating/drooling unless I eat large amounts of meat very regularly

    Hi folks,

    I am almost constantly hypersalivating/drooling now unless I eat large amounts of meat very regularly or suck on a vitamin or mineral tablet of some kind, various types help more than others like magnesium and B vitamins but even these are no longer very effective at keeping the drooling at bay.

    Sucking on various other things from imodium to NSAIDS like aspirin have also helped to hold off the drooling for a while at times but again along with virtually everything else I have tried after a while they start to become less and less effective. At present other than eating meat almost constantly there seems to be very little I can do to keep it at bay. Symptoms of this first arose a couple of years back and have progressively got worse. This condition was present before and remains present even when I don't take either vitamin or mineral supplements or any medication of any type, I have experimented to confirm this for certain.

    I should also add that when I get a really bad attack of the hypersalivation/drooling it feels very distressing, a bit like physical shock. I simply cannot function and can't even speak until I eat or suck on something to relieve it. I should also add that very often I don't even feel hungry and don't actually want to eat.

    I have sore sides on both the left and the right around my kidney area and according to a recent ultra sound I have what looks like a kidney stone in my right kidney which has yet to be confirmed for certain by a CT scan.

    I have pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, I have been monitoring them at home for a number of months including when I have been on the verge of experiencing the hypersalivation/drooling but they have never dropped low enough to explain it, they are always between 6 and 11 mmol/L over at least about 50 tests.

    My GP said she has never seen anything like this in 25 years and doesn't really know where to refer me to and neither did the last one before her, they have basically just looked at me blank. Anyway having to refer me somewhere she has booked me an appointment with an endocrinologist in the hope they might be the right area. Am I going to the right kind of specialist? Has anyone ever heard or seen anything like this before? I am in utter despair and desperation. This is hell.

    Many many thanks,

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    Cravings are a sign of pica. Pica is caused by a mineral deficiency of a mineral. To cure pica in animals they give them a mineral salt block. To know what mineral it is difficult but three minerals come to mind calcium, iron and phosphorus but to know exactly needs tests. You could find a supplement with the 60 minerals that are called the essential. Two mineral that if you are deficient will cause diabetes those minerals are chromium and vanadium.

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