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All About Diabetes

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    Default All About Diabetes

    "While talking about diabetes, you may be frightened from the idea that you may have it. Or maybe, you may have it in the future. You want to know if you are at risk to develop diabetes and anxiously you’re looking to find out if you have any diabetes symptoms. Diabetes affects the manner in which the body handles carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If neglected, diabetes can have serious complications. Diabetic people have high blood sugar levels. "

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    Nobody wants to be ill.

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    Being healthy is very important to us, of course no one wants to suffer from any diseases or condition as we cannot enjoy life thoroughly because of that. If we have a healthy lifestyle and good eating habit, we may prevent acquiring certain diseases and disorder such as diabeters

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    I checked my blood sugar level at home after eating with the sugar testing machine and it showed 142, I think the normal rage is 70-140 and its not very high but still I am worried..
    So, please help me in this matter. Is there anything serious to worry for or is it normal? Please also let me know about its possible symptoms.

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