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Hi, I am new here
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    Default Hi, I am new here

    first post. hello

    its been refreshing to find this site. i just need to vent it out. there are times before i go to sleep that i'll feel motivated going to school and feel the need to study harder than before. but everytime a foot of mine would step on the school threshold, id feel an overwhelming frustration of things that i cannot change, of things i cannot go against with. i sometimes feel desperate and excited at short intervals for no apparent reason. all my friends tell me that i need to seek medical help but i dont want to. so far, suicidal thoughts havent entered my mind so i dont feel the need to do so......

    pfft. nothing. i dont know. just sayin.

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    There is lots of thing to do and in time you will find the one that will help the most. There is meditation, self hypnosis, yoga, NLP and many ways of taking control of you mind. There was a saying who is driving your bus. If you let other people make you mad they are driving your bus. If you let the idea of going to school effect you it is driving the bus. If you think you need prescription drugs they are driving the bus. You need to be driving your own bus. Take control and don't give your power to others.
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