Hi people,

I have a vitamin D definiency, and the doctors are concerned with my bones and something about my bone marrow too. Anyway, I have something in two of my fingers that I think is called 'swan neck'. They get extremely sore in colder weather, and they ache terribly. I have been taking Advil for it. And I have finger splints that i use to help straighten them out, but even that is painful because it forces my fingers straight and the joint is just plain ugly. . . it's got a huge hump on the right pinky finger at the joint part near the tip of my finger.

Can anyone suggest anything to help ease the pain (otc meds) and/or aid it to become straighter without discomfort and pain? I was intending on showing my family doctor this but I keep forgetting when I go to see him. But the hump is getting bigger and it hurts terribly to straighten it with the finger splints.

Thank you, take care,