I am new here, but a long story short, I have weak ligaments and tendons in my ankles, my legs don't bend in the normal ways and bend in ways thats impossible.

I am recovering from an repair and reroot work of my ligaments and tendons in my right ankle, although I can tell this operation has not been successful. There is too much movement already.

After 5-6 operations in the past 4-5 years I am told this is the last option before fuse of the ankle/foot. However this is all well, but doing my research, people say the pain is there for their whole lives - Could I ask for my foot to be removed so no pain? This is the NHS, problem will never be fixed due to many underling problems like arthritis, bones not aligned correctly, double jointed - just bend in the wrong ways. I have seen 6 of the best doctors in the country all agreed that I need an ankle fusion, but want to try other things before such a major operation.

So, I use the NHS, don't mind losing my foot if it means I will have the ability to get out more, find a "real" job etc.