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Low Impact exercises for your health

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    Default Low Impact exercises for your health

    Many of us has the misconception that long time exercises which are painful while doing are only most effective. But you should not harm yourself to stay fit and lose weight. It has found that slow or low impact activity like yoga, walking, swimming are as beneficial as high impact activity.

    Mainly low impact exercises which can improve health and fitness without harming weight bearing joints is good for

    • Pregnant ladies
    • Person having arthritis, joint pain, joint injuries, bone or joint issues
    • Person who are overweight
    • New to exercise

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    Yes you are right! Yoga,walking and swimming is good for arthritis patient but need also proper medication for arthritis patient. Purchase diclofenac for effectively treat numerous types of musculoskeletal complications.

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    This might sound a bit unconventional but my friends grandfather lived to be in his late 90s. He had a workout setup downstairs that included simple bungey cords attached to the ceiling and he would grab on to them with a handle he fastened to each and pull and stretch them in various motions to stay limber. Moral of the story being, I think swimming is probably your best bet along with yoga but if you prefer to do something more weight oriented then weight resistance training may be extremely beneficial.

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