Hello all and thank you for reading.

I work in a retail store that sits atop a concrete floor. I know that concrete does not give and is bad for your knees, but the option most people give of "avoid concrete as much as possible" is just not an option for me. I work 8 hour to 10 hour shifts walking around or standing on concrete.

Soon into just about every shift, I feel my knees begin to bulge underneath the knee cap, and back of the knee begin to stretch. I can barely even kneel down once i'm a few hours in, and I cannot run at all. This knee pain dominates my mobility in my work and personal life. It's very uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I wear generic in-soles right now, and have noticed extremely minimal differences. Does my situation "damn" my knees? Does the company I work for have any responsibility in this? I know that over time my knees will only get worse and worse...

Thanks in advance