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knee pain at 15,now its back at 19....

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    Question knee pain at 15,now its back at 19....

    When I was about 14-15 I started experiencing knee pain. it was bad enough to go to the doctor,and I had physical therapy for it. I've been very active my whole life,cheerleading at 8,soccer from 9-10,and softball from 14-18. I've never had any trauma to my knees,and I wore a knee brace playing softball till it stopped. I figured it may have just been growing pains since I shot up at 15. But now,at 19 its back again and I haven't played softball since two seasons ago and I haven't done anything like run hard on it or anything. It's swollen around the side of it and my husband said It felt tingly when he put his hand on it. It hurts worse after I've been sitting down for awhile and its really stiff. Could this be the same as something from 4 years ago? Or is it just by chance its hurting again? Please help guys,this isn't good at all. I have too much happening soon to worry about knee problems.... thanks in advance!!

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    I found a website which can solve most of the problems.
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    I'd recommend finding an accupuncturist. I've had some amazing results dealing with specific pain in injured joints using an accupuncturist. Supplements may also held. I'd like to suggest the nonprofit website It addresses a number of health conditions, including joint health, and gives authoritative science-based information on supplements and other health strategies, to help you decide a strategy that would work for you. Also, it is free, as opposed to the one suggested above.
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    Hi amemiya,
    May I share with you my experience in correcting the knee pain. It is called a Chinese energetics Yuen method. This is a natural healing that may help your physical discomforts vanish. In YM you can have the neutralization of your body’s energy and ease the knee pain in seconds. You have to identify the possible experience that causes the back pain. Rate the back pain from 0 to 10 and 10 as the most intense. Put your awareness in the center of your body and start doing the deletion. Delete the effects of causing your back pain by commanding using the word delete. You can see the effect immediately. It’s cool and fast, you can try it. You can find some additional tips in this video. You can visit Energy Medicine Free Video Library - Energy Medicine - Chinese Energetics

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    Why don't you try ayurveda? It is very effective in curing arthritis.

    Ayurvedic Remedies for Arthritis

    * Avoid eating hot, spicy and fried foods, sweets
    * Avoid taking too much tea, coffee, yogurt, chocolate and cocoa.
    * Avoid alcohol and smoking
    * Include vegetables and soups in your diet.
    * Avoid stress and strain.
    * Avoid over exposure to cold and windy climate.
    * Take regular physical exercise
    * Avoid sleeping during the day
    * Avoid staying up late at night

    Visit Kerala Ayurveda Mart for more information.

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    Hi, there!
    I'm so sad to hear your conditions.
    But you can come to our site to consult with our doctors for free for your body conditions online or through email instead of going to hospital. Our TCM group is very pleasure to help you!
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