As my husband and I are getting older. he’s 71 and I’m 70.* He has had one knee replaced and had bad arthritis in his other knee.* Being able to walk into tub without fear of falling is huge daily challenge for my husband. He used to come in and go downstairs for the shower but those days are gone for the both of us. We decided to look into walk in bathtubs. We found so many sites with tubs ranging for two thousand to nearly five thousand. Plus the installation cost of the tub it was looking like a eight thousand dollar purchase. After researching extensively safe and independent bathing we came across

We picked the Ella's Deluxe model because it had features we both really liked Hydrotherapy Spa system which works great on my husbands knees. 10 hydrotherapy jets, 7 air jets. We also purchased some grab bar and handrails along the tub. Make it very easy to get in and out of the tub. My husband and I are very pleased with our purchase and the contractor that Ella's bubbles recommended for the installation was top notch.

Thanks Joe & Thelma
Los Angeles, California