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distal femoral osteotomy

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    Default distal femoral osteotomy

    ok i know this thread is about knee but i had knock knee surgery ( distal femoral osteotomy ) and its been 6 months, my surgeon told me that its not healed yet and i am still on crutches, been told to use bone stimulator, if that doesnt work then i will need surgery to fix it i just wanted to know if anyone used bone stimulator or had surgery? any outcome? another thing is i cant do quad sets at all, is it because its not healed or something is wrong any advice would be great.

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    I had a distal femoral osteotomy (along with a Tibial tubericle transfer and medial/lateral ligament reconstruction) back on June 13, 2011. I think the reason you cannot do quad sets is because you have no muscle. Have you really been on crutches for 6 MONTHS? If so...that will cause a bunch of atrophy. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and I lost a significant amount of muscle. And I didn't come close the past few months of strength training to getting it back to where it was before...its harder to grow that muscle back. I just had the hardware taken out last week so I am currently recovering from that.

    I am sorry that your DFO has yet to heal...that is really strange. You should not still be on crutches. I hope you are doing therapy?

    Are you sure your doc is proficient in performing DFO's? If you are interested in a second opinion, I could highly recommend two doctors who both specialize in the operation. I have had a very good outcome from the one. I don't come on here often, so email me if I could be of any further help with this.

    Hope you start doing better.

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