Hi, I dont know if the following could be arthritis or something more, my Doctor didn't seem concerned but I feel I have reason to worry, please help.

It started about five weeks ago when I had a random v large bruise appear on my left leg, I had not banged or damaged the leg to my knowledge. Ever since then I have been getting all sorts if odd symptons, some stay and some go, but generally tend to wake up and find different things wrong each day but other symptons have passed. My main symptons are a headache that has been with me for about three and bad neck ache. Also find feet and arms quite weak, pins and needles in my feet and hand, feel like cold water keeps dripping on my leg, sharp stabbing pains in my ear, what feels like arthritis in my hand joints, generally feel quite run down and tired. I could go on, I have had three sets of blood tests done all came back satisfactory/good and xray done on my neck which was also fine. The last time I saw a doctor, last week I was told it just stemmed from tense neck muscle, she gave me some exercises and that was it. I was told that the pains in my knuckles and jointS were not related I must of just banged them!! Helpful, does anybody else have any ideas because I am not convinced of my diagnosis.

I am a 29 year old male

Many thanks for your time.