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  1. TSA Screenings and Incontinence Pads
  2. Lupron monthly vs. quarterly, etc.
  3. another ADT side effect??
  4. Update for Steve
  5. New drug targets vitamin D receptors in hormone resistant prostate cancers
  6. Exelixis prostate, ovarian cancer drug shows promise
  7. Another year, another ...
  8. Latest PSA
  9. Article: Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence
  10. New PSA Numbers
  11. Lupron and weight gain
  12. cancer
  13. http://cancershelps.blogspot.com/
  14. http://cancershelps.blogspot.com/
  15. http://cancershelps.blogspot.com/
  16. cancer
  17. At a median follow-up of 23 years, baseline PSA was stronglyassociated with subsequent prostate cancer
  18. Update on Larry
  19. ADT increases risk for colon cancer
  20. Special Days
  21. A recommended nutrition, exercise, and prostate cancer guide
  22. UCLA researchers discover a potential target for therapy for patients with a deadly prostate cancer
  23. Fuhgheddabout cancer and enjoy this
  24. Do I Need a Better Test?
  25. First chemo done.
  26. WSJ article -- The Prostate Cancer Quandary
  27. Update from John. Refractory cancer has started.
  28. year #6 PSA & T updates
  29. Back from the oncologist
  30. Question from my half-sister about post RP continence.
  31. Aspirin may boost prostate cancer treatment
  32. Update on Larry
  33. AstraZeneca AB ZD4054
  34. Finally - Rain!
  35. abiraterone
  36. Gleason numbers ?
  37. Barn door-- open?
  38. Basic HT question
  39. Avodart side effects?
  40. FDA's page re: prostate cancer drugs
  41. SRT with Varian Rapidarc Technology Trilogy machine--anyone?
  42. FDA Medwatch Alert
  43. Dr. Jamie Sands Video - LA Dentist
  44. SRT SE query
  45. Negative margins?
  46. Vitamin E in front line of prostate cancer fight
  47. Return of PSA after surgery
  48. We are basically unable to tell patients truly what to expect...
  49. Just Diagnosed - Awaiting CT and Bone Scans
  50. Prostate Cancer connected to vasectomies?
  51. Talking About Prostate Cancer - New website
  52. 10 Years!
  53. How often does this happen with PCa patients?
  54. Test that predicts prostate cancer: UK scientists' landmark discovery ischeap, accurate - and offers hope to thousands
  55. Many dying cancer patients still get screenings
  56. How to Understand Doubling Time With Prostate Cancer
  57. Need some input
  58. J&J drug offers hope in advanced prostate cancer
  59. PSA = .1
  60. Excuse me!! Would you stop for a moment?
  61. Happy Thanksgiving (Canadian style)
  62. Saw Radiation Doc today
  63. Risk higher for close relatives of women who develop disease before age35, study finds
  64. Early prostate test study gives hope for accuracy
  65. Novel test following prostate surgery could detect cancer recurrence earlier
  66. Boston Method
  67. 6 months post Brachytherapy What should I ask radio-onc?
  68. Drug extends lives of advanced prostate cancer patients
  69. Dr. Jamie Sands Video - TLCs Ten Years Younger explains
  70. Latest update for Steve K. log
  71. Blasting cancer
  72. Dr. Robert Amato
  73. for Steve's log
  74. Update on Larry
  75. New Report on Surgery for Aggressive Cancer
  76. Got a decision to make...
  77. FTC says "False claims re: POM prevents or treats PCa"
  78. $93,000 cancer drug: how much is a few more months of life worth
  79. review of: Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers
  80. DaVinci & Lumpectomy for PCa
  81. Statins may help treat prostate cancer
  82. Cholesterol drug may have role in treating prostate cancer
  83. Surgeon experience data for math lovers
  84. Rising Star in Patient-Centered Care in Jordan
  85. noose is tightening -- latest PSA
  86. Second line hormonal therapies
  87. New prostate cancer diagnostic tool
  88. Statins may help treat prostate cancer
  89. Treatment in NCI-designated Center Improves Survival of AfricanAmericans with Cancer
  90. Increased Risk of High-grade Prostate Cancer Among Infertile Men
  91. Cancer Consultants Cancer Drug Pipeline - Prostate
  92. Targeted therapy - Tarceva aka erlotinib
  93. Now! - - Phase Coherence is the reason for the binding attractive
  94. Brachytherapy - Northern Ireland
  95. Taxotere
  96. Harold gould actor died of proatate cancer
  97. Scientists hail one-off test for prostate cancer
  98. 10th Anniversary
  99. PSA
  100. Anybody ever heard of AHIT-Ca?
  101. August data point for Steve
  102. radiation question
  103. Latest PSA
  104. How to find MedOncs that will go off protocol
  105. 18th International Congress on Palliartive Care (15)
  106. New update for Steve
  107. Biopsy Causes Urinary & Erectile Problems
  108. Three Months Later...
  109. Directly Provide Aid Donation Flood for Pakistan
  110. Cancer Docs 'Frustrated' By Lack of Useful Info in Journal Articles
  111. Medline Plus
  112. Vaccine Shows Some Promise Against Advanced Cancers
  113. PCRI Insights
  114. Dr. Hussein??
  115. Docetaxel reintroduction appears to be effective, with favourabletolerance profiles
  116. One swollen ankle?
  117. Review of a 10 year battle
  118. Two More Brothers Heard From
  119. Lymphangiectasia = Lymphedema = PCa disaster?
  120. PC progression experience (yours or your loved one)
  121. cell and its association with genetic
  122. Double Big Day For Me
  123. For Steve's Record
  124. Pelvic LN mets
  125. Kieth Lundy
  126. Even when prostate cancer returns, most survive
  127. PSA question
  128. Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
  129. Update on Ron.......and info for John.......
  130. Free PSA and odds for cancer?
  131. Update on Larry
  132. Men's Health
  133. Finasteride for Prevention of Prostate Cancer Not Widely Prescribed
  134. How long should the ADT phase be in IADT?
  135. Alternative for PSA test?
  136. Inhibiting prostate cancer without disturbing regular body processes
  137. Surgery better than radiation, hormone treatments for some prostate cancer, study shows
  138. Is the standard ADT implant too high a dose?
  139. Great news
  140. Email from the Gat Clinic
  141. Interesting info on DHT and exercise
  142. John's latest following PSA surge
  143. Cancer cells slurp up fructose; Coke, others dispute findings
  144. Unapproved Drugs
  145. Dale Par checking in
  146. Purdue-IU team uncovers potential prostate cancer marker
  147. Gene variants in Japanese prostate cancer patients
  148. Baroness Royall-- Too often, men miss all the signs of prostate cancer
  149. New technique in robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
  150. Latest PSA #'s for Steve K
  151. Vitamine D3 from LEF
  152. A new ground zero for prostate cancer
  153. Dense bones linked to raised risk for prostate cancer
  154. Native aggregation...
  155. Rising PSA post op....does this mean there is a tumor growing?
  156. Latest PSA Update for Steve K.
  157. Oh hell - what do I do now?
  158. Yours FREE: Johns Hopkins Guide To BPH
  159. No link seen between coffee, prostate cancer risk
  160. OT: Future spark
  161. Key pathway in end-stage prostate cancer tumor progression blocked
  162. PCRI: adjuvant + salvage radiation
  163. Annual update
  164. George Brown
  165. How much radiation
  166. Where is the flare?
  167. Threats to and from U.S. Medicare
  168. Six Months since the Robot
  169. OBIT: California lawmaker
  170. Colonoscopy after Brachytherapy
  171. How prostate cancer packs a punch
  172. Oncologist's explanation for reduction of doubling time after 'hormone holiday'
  173. Local man undergoes new procedure to treat prostate cancer
  175. Lupron
  176. OT: some milestones
  177. Porgy and Bess do National Institutes of Health budgeting
  178. Maximum tumor diameter
  179. update for Steve
  180. Finasteride and intermittent ADT
  181. UNC team finds new target for treatment of advanced prostate cancer
  182. Latest update for Steve
  183. Hypothyroidism And PCa?
  184. It's Alive!
  185. High Gleason/Low PSA = Caution
  186. Testosterone Gel Trial Ends After Heart Issue
  187. OT - Colonoscopy biopsy results
  188. Postcard about cancer/Hope project
  189. Why Estrogen Balance is Critical to Aging Men
  190. International Statistics 2010 Research and Development Webshop
  191. Adjuvant vs. Salvage radiation
  192. New research model of human prostate cancer shows cancer development
  193. Scientists may soon be able to answer the agonizing question facing men with prostate cancer-- Does their cancer need immediate treatment or can it be left alone?
  194. Statins associated with lower cancer recurrence following prostatectomy
  195. Prostate Cancer Patients Face Rationing of Provenge
  196. Your Father's Cancer...
  197. Estrogen concerns
  198. Fill Form And Get $5000 To Your Home.
  199. Pre-emptive pain regimen decreased opioid usage in patients undergoing robotic prostatectomy
  200. Slightly Rising PSA
  201. slight increase
  202. defn of BCR???
  203. Intermittent ADT - update
  204. Male Health
  205. Experimental new drug to shrink prostate cancer tumours, based on molecules extracted from a marine sponge
  206. Ipt
  207. New test can predict return of prostate cancer
  208. back in the Saddle 2
  209. Scientists find protein spurs spread of prostate cancer
  210. Novalis Tx Clinical trials in SoCal
  211. Back in the Saddle Again - When?
  212. PSA Update for Steve
  213. Ping: Steve Kramer
  214. HL537 – The Patients Voice are looking for Prostate Cancer Patients– Get Ј65
  215. U.S. Customs & Brachytherapy
  217. Robert Vaughn Young 1938-2003
  218. PSA after Brachytherapy
  219. PSAs and Free testosterone ranges
  220. testosterone therapy and prostate cancer
  221. -OT- Constipation
  222. Any advice, suggestions, thoughts?
  223. Advances in breast and prostate canceers
  224. Low Carb Study for IP
  225. Update for Steve K
  226. Hot flashes
  227. Give Up on PSA Tests?
  228. Prostate-Specific Antigen
  229. A psaf blood test will help determine if you need a biopsy
  230. Awareness 2010 (3 months late)
  231. G9, HIFU, Zoladex - Result
  232. Radiation plus hormones boosts prostate cancer survival
  233. Stop PC a Testing After 75? No!
  234. artificial urinary sphincter vs. male sling
  235. The Lethal Impact of Flawed Government
  236. Hormone fluctuations affect the prostate?
  237. Play some golf, help fight prostate cancer
  238. Picture Your Life After Cancer
  239. Hey Rat
  240. OT: In Memoriam
  241. Dennis Hopper
  243. 100 Trillion Cells can't be all good
  244. Genetic Aging
  245. Most recent articles on prostate cancer (May 2010)
  246. Survey
  247. Prostate Cancer Vaccine
  248. New data point for Steve
  249. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOFTWARE 4 SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * 55774
  250. Prostate Brachytherapy