Learn about the cure for cancer.

We want to inform you about a new way to treat cancer using simple, cheap and non-toxic supplements. This treatment protocol only uses compounds from fruits and vegetables and is very potent. If you don't believe it then try it and if it doesn't work we pay you $100. If it does work you must pay us $100. All instructions must be followed for this treatment protocol to work.. However, wrong usage can cause death. Please print this page.

Flavonoid Cancer Treatment Protocol

1 Dissolve 500 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in 0.5 L water in a bottle.
2 Open up a capsule containing 500 mg Quercetin and sprinkle this in this water. Shake well.
3 If everything goes well you will see a yellow solution. The mix is ready for consumption. Take a sip.
4 Repeat taking a sip every 12-24 hours. The more sips you take, the more potent the treatment becomes.
5 Later you can take a sip every 6-12 hours. Taking sips at short interval is not recommended due to safety; Massive tumor breakdown can cause tumor lysis syndrome causing death.

If there are any side effects then please report this to your doctor. Please be informed that tumor lysis syndrome may be a complication of cancer treatment including this one. Untreated tumor lysis syndrome can lead to death.. Therefore you must discuss your treatment plans with your oncologist. Ourmedical disclaimer states that you are responsible for your actions. This treatment protocol is potent stuff, it's a form of chemotherapy. Doctor's supervision needed.

You can get these cheap supplements anywhere (from vitamin stores or internet). These supplements should cost no more then $10-$20. You can also use supplements that have quercetin and ascorbic acid combined (don't forget to dissolve content in 0.5 L of water in a bottle). The quercetin needs to be dissolved to improve absorption. You don't have to use exactly 500 mg quercetin and 500 mg ascorbic acid, 250 mg quercetin and 700 mg ascorbic acid for example is possible as well. Start with a low dosage.

Please contact us to tell us about how well this cancer treatment protocol worked. Also report any side effects that you may have encountered. For this and all other remarks email: [email protected]

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If you have terminal cancer this treatment could save your life, but you must take everything seriously. Tumor lysis syndrome can cause death, doctorssupervision needed.