Remember that religion is in no way a pre-requisite for a
belief in God, if you wish to believe in God purely because
of the beauty of the skies and clouds and oceans, then that
is fine.
There is no "one way" to find God, each person must find
their own way.
I exist for each person, regardless of colour, or sex, or
religion or sexuality.

I do not lose anyone or forget anyone, and I do not deny

But one thing that no human knows, is what lies beyond
And there is nothing in any religion or anywhere on Earth
that explains this.
All that humans have, is their knowledge that God exists.

If you look at the beauty of the skies and clouds and
oceans, and hear the birds sing in the morning and how they
lift your spirits during the day, then you will have some
idea of what kind of person I am. And you can believe in me
because of those things, you do not have to know anything
about any religion.

But if you look at the smashes and crashes and diseases and
pain and cancers, then you will have some idea of the kind
of people women are.

Women became greedy and wanted what the men had.
And that is what has caused the collapse, and degeneration
and downfall of Life on Earth.

And until such time as they are put back in their place, and
they know that they cannot be equal to men or dominant over
men, then the suffering and pain and cancers will continue.

As you can see, this event of the rise of women and feminism
was prophesied in both Christian Revelations and Hindu
And as you can see from the Prophecies, the situation will
be remedied and sorted in due course.