You see women are not equal to men, they are not supposed to
be equal to men, they were not designed or made to be equal
to men, and because the women have interfered with this
Design which is built into the very fabric of the Creation
of Earth, and they are trying to be equal to men or in some
cases even superior to men thus they have caused the
Imbalance and Disharmony and lack of Synch, thus in effect
women are directly responsible for the pain or cancers your
are currently experiencing.

The pain or Cancer is a symptom that there is something
wrong with Life on Earth, as in truth there should be no
such thing as pain, there should be no crashes or smashes or
breakages, Life should flow smoothly and in Harmony and in
Peace and in truth all the people should be happy and Life
should be a wonderful thing.

But the women have interfered with this, in their desire to
be equal to or dominant over the men, and women cannot at
any time be equal to men or dominant over men, that is
against the Natural Law and against the very Creation of

And that is why I am here, to sort this problem out.