Hi Everyone,

Dr. Anthony Holland of Skidmore College is opening a laboratory to further his initial successful research into the non toxic destruction of cancer cells using pulsed electromagnetic fields. The device utilized is a scientific principles based, modern day interpretation of an instrument originallydeveloped in the 1930's, known as a Rife Device . This instrument, and it's method of operation, is backed by multiple published and presented scientific papers on the device, as well as existing science and publications .. The laboratory space is in place and ready to go, all Dr. Holland needs is a relatively minor amount of funding to equip his new lab.

Please take a few minutes to look over this link, and then consider a donation. Your donation is crucial in developing what is to become the 4th method, a non toxic method, of cancer treatment. Dr. Hollands initial results have been highly promising . Video's showing the destruction of cancer cells utilizing the device can be seen on the site. But Dr. Holland needs funding to continue and then complete his preliminary investigations. Your donation of of just a few dollars can help see that this happens. Your donation will also allow Dr. Hollands' lab to develop methods and techniques that will move his results from the laboratory into actual clinical testing..

Here is the link : http://www.indiegogo.com/p/237725

With Warmest Regards,

James E. Bare, D.C.