Hello Everyone,

I am very proud of myself today. :-) I went by myself to have the thyroid
tests done early this morning after having a migraine at 2:00 a.m., not
sleeping well at all, and having a lot of arthritis pain, spasms, etc. I am
also proud of myself today because I have found a new GP!!! :-) While
waiting for the senior center van to come and pick me up, I wandered up and
down the hallway. I spotted a sign on a window that said, Dr. Carlini is
taking new patients. I decided to ask one of the receps IF he would
prescribe percocet for me and told her I had pretty bad arthritis and that I
did not abuse percocet at all, but could not find anyone to prescribe it for
me. She said that he would if he thought it was necessary. I said okay,
good enough for me and told her about my present GP, who does not prescribe
ANY narcotics at all for pain. She asked me who he was and I told her. She
then said, he cannot prescribe narcotics. I found that pretty interesting
that she *knew* who he was and I said to her, so, you know him and she said
yes. I told her I would think about calling Dr. Carlini for an appt. in the
near future and got his card from her. I went back down the hall and
decided I had another question for her. :-) I'm really a pain in the neck
with these doctors. LOL Not really. I went back and asked her if he only
would talk about one problem during one visit. The other recep said, just
don't bring a list and I laughed. The girl I was talking to said no, that
he would probably let me talk about more than one problem, but it would also
depend on how much time we had and how much time I would take talking about
a problem. I understood her perfectly and said, thank you. Then I asked
how old he was. Hehe! She said 29. I said, wow, he could be my grandson
and laughed! Then I said, no not really, but he could be my son. :-) She
said he was just about right out of medical school and knew so many new and
updated procedures, etc. I said, that's good enough for me and went away
smiling. After grocery shopping this afternoon, I called his office and
made an appt. for Feb. 19th because I will be seeing my present GP for the
thyroid test results on Feb. 12th. Once I get those results I will no
longer need his services. I will ask that my chart be copied and sent to
Dr. Carlini AFTER I have my appt. with him. I want to be sure that I like
him and that he likes and trusts me. :-) I feel soooo good about this.
And, he has regular hours, even late hours on Wednesdays. Unlike my present
GP, who is there from 8:30 until 11:00 a.m. on Mon., Tues, Wed. and Fri.
And, from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. on Thurs. because he has another office he
goes to somewhere else. That is probably why he only wants to hear one
problem from you at a time and he is so abrupt with you. I liked him a lot
at first because he really knew what to test for, etc., but as I get to know
him better, he is pretty arrogant and he rushes you through things. Also, I
remember Donna saying that she did not like the fact that when he told me I
had arthritis and I asked what kind, he said, just arthritis. One more
thing. When I saw him yesterday about the floaters, cobwebs and flashes of
light, he made a remark that this was not an emergency situation, that I
probably would have to wait until my eye doctor returned to his office on
Feb. 4th, that I probably would not be able to see the ophthalmologist he
was referring me to today (yesterday) or any time soon, AND my husband said
something about it being an emergency because HE had been through this many,
many times. My GP then made a very sarcastic remark to my husband,
something about making his day better now because of his comment, or
something almost like that! Well, that was the straw, as they say. I, as
you know, DID get to see the eye doctor yesterday and right away too. <bg>
I am a happy camper now that I have a potential new GP who the girl said was
very nice and very knowledgeable. I wrote a novel here and I thank you all
for reading it. :-)

Gentle hugs,