So sorry to copy & paste this email to you all, once again, but I am so
angry and tired that I need to do this. :-(


I am so angry right now that I could burst a blood vessel! I WILL promise
to calm down, but just for one minute I need to be mad and vent. So sorry
to get you all involved in this. :-(

Just returned from an appt. with my GP, who told me there is a very small
nodule on my thyroid, which is less than 0.08" (2 mm.) in diameter. He gave
me a lab slip which was NOT filled out properly and I now have to try to get
a hold of him some time tomorrow morning before I go to my allergist appt.
which is pretty early. This GP has short hours and I may not get a hold of
him until some time this week! The lab also wants him to FAX over to the, a
copy of the lab slip with the proper check-offs, my phone number on it so
the woman from there can call me with an appt., and also a copy of my
thyroid blood tests. This is a two-day procedure, only done on Tuesdays and
Wednesdays. In other words, you have to go back there again on Wed. to
finish the tests. My GP wants a Thyroid Uptake test done in nuclear
medicine lab and the lab also wants to do a Thyroid Scan, which HE DID NOT
check off. This is why I am so angry right now! His office is very hard to
get a hold of any of his receps and I am hoping that one of them will
cooperate with me and ask my GP to FAX over ALL of this info to the lab.
Otherwise, we will have to pay for someone to take us to and from his office
AGAIN for all these requested things from the lab. Thank you for letting me
vent to you all. I really appreciate it and will let you know what the test
results are. Again, I am sorry and hope I didn't confuse any of you. One
last thing. My wish is to change GP's and right now I have an appt. with
another one on Feb. 19. I will also let you know if he is willing to take
me on as his new patient. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, if
you pray, and send some good vibes so I can laugh again. :-)