Afternoon everyone. It has been awhile since i posted.
I notice everyone is still going the facebook route. Very few postings.
i still have to wear the brace on my left foot. Drs orders. Not seeing
much improvement from wearing it. The right foot is just as bad. the
poiatrist had an MRI done thinking the tendon had done like a cut rope.
only showed up all the arthritis that was already a known, and lots of
inflamation. I'm still doing the exercises also, and rubbing in
Voltarin Gel. I was doing all the rubbing anyway. I do get so tired of
so much rubbing several times a day with different rubs. Pain pill
takeing is off limits for any that would be strong enough to ease the
pains due to my CKD..
I do hope everyone that used to post on this site and is now on facebook
is doing OK. Moe