I hope you all don't think I am being argumentative or anything like that
because I'm not trying to be. :-) You all have had such good advice and
suggestions for me, but you have to realize it's so different here where we
live. It's not like in the States. I remember when I lived there that you
could get some test results right away as you were just in the waiting room.
Some times, I couldn't get the results for a few days or a week, but it
seemed easier to get them there as opposed to here. Some times here you can
get them in a week, maybe two, but most of my tests were sent far away to
other cities to be tested and I had to wait at least 3-5 weeks before I saw
any of the results. It takes quite a long time to get a referral to a
specialist and there aren't very many of them in this town. Not too many
GP's either, that are taking on new patients. And I can't afford nor can I
go physically too far away from our condo. I'm doing pretty well now with
the anxiety, panic and ag, but still have those insecure feelings about
going too far away from here, so I wouldn't go to another, larger city to
see a specialist or have tests done unless I *absolutely* had no other
choice! :-) See, that's why it may seem that I am being stubborn or just
passive about things, but I am not, really. As a matter of fact, my GI
doc's nurse/recep/secretary has been with him for years and years, and she
is on top of it all! You should have seen the way she treated me. It was
great! She tried so hard to get me in for that Scope. She would call me
just about every week to see what my schedule of doctor appts. was and my
husband's too, so that she knew exactly what day I would be available for
the Scope. She told me I was on the cancellation list and not to worry,
that she would get me in. Finally, one week she told me she was almost
positive I would be getting it done in about two weeks from then. She was
right! Someone she thought was going to cancel had cancelled and I was IN!
LOL That was Nov. 8th, I believe. Yes, it was. At the same time the Scope
was done, the biopsy was taken for my allergist. Here, they do not call you
back if a test result is negative or benign. They only call you to come in
to their office if something is wrong, if you know what I mean. So...to
make a long story short, I WAS called in to my GI doc's office, thinking
great, I have a bacterial infection that they could cure by giving me some
antibiotics! WRONG! He told me nothing was wrong with me and that it was
the last test he could give me. He was kind, but straight forward when he
said that. Both my husband and I were practically yelling at him, asking
him why *I* was having such horrible, agonizingly painful bowel movements
since April 2012, for no apparent reason! He finally said, you have bad IBS
with constipation and gave me a script for Dicetel. He has done all he can
for me right now. I am improving, but some times I still get those
agonizing...don't want to complain to you anymore...because I might cheat
and eat something with sugar in it or I didn't take enough lactaid pills and
ate something with milk in it, etc. That's enough for now. :-) I really
and truly do not want to drive you people nuts with all my illnesses. I
have already driven my husband nuts with it. LOL I have gotten so much
better about complaining everyday to him and to other people that I don't
want to screw it up here with all you nice, supportive people. So far, the
Dicetel is the only thing that has helped my IBS and I am thankful I have it
even though we have to pay for it out of pocket. :-( It is still worth it!
I see much improvement. Anyway, that is why I haven't heard a thing from my
allergist. She is very, very supportive and knowledgeable, and she would
have called me into her office weeks ago if anything was seriously wrong
with me. She would not have waited until my next appt. to see her. Please
do not worry about that. I will be VERY surprised on Jan. 22nd if she tells
me I have throat cancer or something else serious. Thank you again for
listening to me rant on and on. :-) I love you people!

Big hugs,

Diane (Sorry this is so long!)