I have Osteoarthritis Arthritis and maybe some rheumatism, torn Minsicus
in one knee, Spinal Stenosis, Diabetes, bad hearing and damage to
auditory system etc from oral surgery to help Sleep Apinia, heart
problems which someone has decided are not worth worrying about. Neuropathy.
Recently got my A1C back under somewhat reasonable numbers wit the help
of long aquainted Pharmacologist at VA.
I must have pissed someone off.
I was getting epiduaral, outside VA then VA took over.
All of a sudden I;m not authorized and all I get was therapy which
sometimes made back and joint pain even worse.
I am Becomming non functional because my back hurts like hell much of
the time especially when it spasm.
I can't see Pain Clinic again until January. Don''t know when Primary
will see me. Nothing on their calendar near as I can find out.
5mg Oxycontin twice a day and muscle relaxant are the only pain meds I
have except not Lyrica but the latest one for neuropathy.
If I go to the Er all they will give me is an injection of Motrin which
they have said no to for Liver concerns, I believe.
I feel I've humilated myself as much as as I can stand begging, so to
speak, for some help there.
Friends I need to know, at whatever cost, what kind of Doctor I should
see somewhere.
I don't understand it. over the last two or thee years I've been asked
why do you think you are Diabetic, are you really Diabetic, and so on. I
fought long and hard to get my numbers down and lose weight.
I've been blessed out and had to go outside to get a broken tooth capped
and I don;t have a clue why.
Horrible pain with arms and shoulders and told to take whatever the over
counter medicine is. Went outside and had spurs in rotator cups. Shots
and therapy. Inquisition by someone from or with VA.
An a long list of things that would fita Tom Clancy novel. For all
practical purposes I went through two perhaps breakdown.
It will make you paranoid. it is though they don't believe you are ill
despite a mountain of records and are trying to prove it.
I"m at wits end and don't know if AI can handle any more. I am destroyed.
It has caused, or at least, I think it is the reason for eratic and high
blood pressure and Tacacardia.
If I can't get some relief for this back ache quickly, I'm giving up and
forgetting the Doctors and lay in bed or somewhere. Perhaps it is
cheaper if I crash and go away for them.
Someone doesn't like me very much there and that is not Paranoid as I
understand it.
This rambles and is disorganized bit here but I'm setting here hurting
and sweating a lot.