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> Study Suggests Connection Between Women Consuming Soft Drinks,
> Developing Diabetes
> 08-24-2004 5:34 PM
> CHICAGO -- Women who drink more than one sweetened soft drink a
> day are slightly more likely to develop diabetes than women who drink
> less than one a month, according to a new study.
> Obesity is strongly linked to type 2 diabetes _ the most common form of
> diabetes _ so the extra calories from soda account for at least some of
> the increased risk, said the Harvard University researchers who did the
> study.
> Globally, type 2 diabetes, a condition that often leads to heart disease
> and kidney failure, afflicts 154 million people and is blamed for about
> 3 millions deaths a year.
> Full story at:
> http://sandiego.cox.net/cci/newsnati...p;id=D84LTT801
> <http://sandiego.cox.net/cci/newsnati..._state=maximiz
> ed&view=article&id=D84LTT801>

Eat Breakfast, Cut Diabetes Risk

A recent study has revealed that people, who eat breakfast every day, are less likely to develop obesity, type 2 diabetes or even fat around the tummy.. Presented at the annual meeting of American Diabetes Association, the study includes over 5,000 men and women, none of whom had type 2 diabetes whenthey entered the study.

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