On Wednesday, March 18, 1998 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, Cushman wrote:
> Hi Chris
> I would also urge you to read Doc Theo's book on GS/CS. It
> helped my knees tremendously. I'll send you, by email,
> some details of my treatment and results.
> Good luck!
> Cush.
> Christina M Mcguire wrote in message
> <6eq1a1$aeh$[email protected]>...
> > hello all-- i was referred to this ng by my pals at the

> running
> >newsgroup in the hopes of finding some advice. i have been

> recommended
> >to take chondroitin or GNC's "joint juice" for my chronic

> knee pain. i
> >am a serious runner with the curse of horrible knees

> (chondromalatia
> >patallae and chronic tendinitis). my doctor has told me

> this is my last
> >option, since no other drug or therapy has done much to

> help. running is
> >an addiction for me, so giving it up is NOT an option (i do

> rather well
> >despite the long weeks off between races)... i'm just

> hoping to disprove
> >the theory that whatever sounds too good to be true is--

> does anyone
> >know anything about this wonder drug? does it help at all

> with
> >inflammation and pain? thanks for info in advance-- chris


Joint Juice Review is a joint supplement from PatentHealth. There are two formulations available: Fast-Acting and Maximum Strength. We’ve examined the maximum strength formula.