I went seafood veggie in 1983.
It helped my joints, or seemed to, slowly.
I then upgraded to vegan in 2000.

In 2005, my pelvis changed angle, so
my bum came back up. This resulted in
my having to stand more upright to maintain
balance. I found I could hula hoop again!
(Because I was no longer leaning forward to
counteract how my sunken bum was sending
everything out backwards.)

Since then, all those back joints that
had been bent forward til they kinked
have been unkinking one by one- painfully-
and everything straightening out and opening back
out- my ribs all opened, letting my guts go back in
where they belong, and releasing my shoulders back.

It seems to be just about finished. I'm
totally straight again. I can look straight
up effortlessly- it even feels good!

Anyway- hope ur all doing good!