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Protective effect of myo-inositol hexaphosphate (phytate) on bone mass
loss in postmenopausal women
ГЃngel A. LГіpez-GonzГЎlez, FГ©lix Grases, Nieves Monroy, Bartolome MarГ*,
MВЄ TeГіfila Vicente-Herrero, Fernando Tur and Joan PerellГі
European Journal of Nutrition , 2012

The objective of this paper was to evaluate the relationship between
urinary concentrations of InsP6, bone mass loss and risk fracture in
postmenopausal women.
Materials and methods
A total of 157 postmenopausal women were included in the study: 70 had
low (≤0.76 μM), 42 intermediate (0.76–1.42 μM) and 45 high (≥1.42 μM)
urinary phytate concentrations. Densitometry values for neck were
measured at enrollment and after 12 months (lumbar spine and femoral
neck), and 10-year risk fracture was calculated using the tool FRAXВ®.
Individuals with low InsP6 levels had significantly greater bone mass
loss in the lumbar spine (3.08 В± 0.65 % vs. 0.43 В± 0.55 %) than did
those with high phytate levels. Moreover, a significantly greater
percentage of women with low than with high InsP6 levels showed more
than 2 % of bone mass loss in the lumbar spine (55.6 vs. 20.7 %). The
10-year fracture probability was also significantly higher in the low-
phytate group compared to the high-phytate group, both in hip (0.37 В±
0.06 % vs 0.18 В± 0.04 %) and major osteoporotic fracture (2.45 В± 0.24
% vs 1.83 В± 0.11 %).
It can be concluded that high urinary phytate concentrations are
correlated with reduced bone mass loss in lumbar spine over 12 months
and with reduced 10-year probability of hip and major osteoporotic
fracture, indicating that increased phytate consumption can prevent
development of osteoporosis.


You know there seems to be a bisphosphonate found in your food .

Phytate / phytic acid , found in the chaff of your grain and in your
plants is compared to Etidronate a prescribed bisphosphonate , a
crystalization inhibitor , used for osteoporosis.

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Jesus Was A Vegetarian!

Man Is A Herbivore!