Good morning Moe,

Here is the scoop on green tea. :-)

Looking for a simple resolution to improve your overall health? Start
drinking green tea. My daily beverage of choice, green tea is a potent
source of catechins - healthy antioxidants that can inhibit cancer cell
activity and help boost immunity. Need more reasons to drink green tea? It
can also:

Lower cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease
Help protect against bacterial infections
Promote joint health and stronger bones
Reduce inflammation
Enhance the effects of antibiotics, even against drug-resistant bacteria
and "superbugs"

Green tea is available in a wide range of varieties - introduce yourself by
substituting a cup of green tea for a cup of coffee and you will soon be
enjoying the health benefits of this delicious beverage! Learn to appreciate
the subtle fragrance of quality green tea and use tea time to unwind,
meditate and take respite from your stress du jour.

Gentle hugs,