Good morning everyone,

Don went to the health food store down the street and bought me a 10-day
trial pack of Fast Joint Care. :-) You take one pill a day and they say
you usually start to feel less pain within 7-10 days, but some also say
usually by the 7th day. We shall see and I am very hopeful at this point.
:-) The medicinal ingredients are: Gallus gallus, Natural eggshell
membrane, 500 mg. The non-medicinal ingredients are: Rice flour, magnesium
stearate, silicon dioxide, gelatin and water. Nothing in it to *hurt* me or
cause an allergic (*intolerant* sigh) reaction. :-) Will keep you posted
and sorry again for the big rant here. Thanks for being here for me and for
your wonderful support! Have a great day everyone. I hope the ones caught
up in this horrible snowstorm/blizzard are safe, sound, warm, and pain-free.

Gentle hugs,