A newly-developed drug could kill rebellious immune cells, which prey on
the tissues instead of defending them, causing auto-immune diseases such
as type-1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The absence of two proteins Bax and Bak from certain immune cells
permits them to override apoptosis, a process that ensures cellular
death after they have outlived their utility.

Consequently, these cells turn against the body, with adverse health

Lorraine O'Reilly from Australia's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and
colleagues said that some immune cells that lacked the proteins Bax and
Bak turned against healthy tissues in many organs.

"Normally, these 'self-reactive' immune cells are deleted during
development," O'Reilly said, the journal Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences reports.

The research shows that Bax and Bak activity can be regenerated by a new
class of potential anti-cancer agents, called BH3-mimetics, which are
undergoing clinical trials for certain types of leukaemia, O'Reilly
said, according to a Walter and Eliza Hall statement.

"Our findings suggest that BH3-mimetics might be an exciting new option
for treatment for autoimmune conditions by activating Bax and Bak and
making the self-reactive immune cells which are causing the autoimmune
disease to die," she said.

Kylie Mason, Daniel Gray, Andreas Strasser and David Huang from the
Walter and Eliza Hall and Paul Waring from the University of Melbourne
were part of the research team.

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