<Copied and pasted. I hope you all don't mind that I did that. :-)>

Hi Everyone,

Very hard to type right now. I have to type very slowly. I had drops put
in both my eyes and everything is pretty blurry right now. My GP referred
me to Dr. Chiu and we went to her office ASAP, upstairs from my GP. She is
young, very nice and very thorough. She said I have floaters in both eyes.
She said not to worry yet, but IF I see more floaters, more flashing lights
and/or a curtain coming down (or even up) then I should go to the ER ASAP.
She told me, right now, to be careful and not jar the retina loose by
picking up anything heavy, bending downward without squatting slowly or
reaching upwards too far. It is my left eye that I see the floaters,
cobwebs and light flashes in. My right eye also has floaters because she
saw them. She said to make an appt. with my present eye doctor (who is away
until Feb. 4th) so he can check my eyes in one month. A technician there, a
nice woman maybe a little younger than me, explained to us what happens with
the vitreous. She said as we age, the vitreous slowly breaks down and turns
more liquidy. Right now, Dr. Chiu says the retina has not been dislodged or
torn. Everything is in it's correct position right now and, hopefully, it
will stay that way. :-) I will keep you updated as things progress. Thank
you all once again for your support.

Gentle hugs,