Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are having a nice day today. I thought I would just give you
the scoop on some of the illnesses I have and what kind of reactions I've
been having this afternoon. I have: Arthritis, asthma, a small
*something*, maybe a nodule, on my left lung, acid reflux, hiatal hernia,
two fractured ribs on left side of chest, IBS with constipation, a mass of
blood vessels (veins) on and/or near my liver (born with it), a cyst near my
left kidney (which, apparently, is not serious), a spasming bladder, and
chronic fatigue syndrome. Now, the CFS was diagnosed some time in 1990 by a
great naturopath I had in CT. Just this year, though, I have not had any of
the symptoms I used to have with CFS. I no longer sleep 10-12 hrs. a night
and have an extreme amount of energy during the day and at night too, even
though I have arthritis and abdominal pain. Don and I truly believe that I
have these disorders, except for CFS and OA of the neck, because of going
into a hot tub for three months straight in Jan., Feb. and Mar. 2012.
Today, I cheated and ate some organic potato chips (too many, I think) and a
few pieces of a chocolate bar. Almost immediately, I started to experience
pain all over my body, hands, wrists, fingers, etc. I have an intolerance
to sugar, sugar substitutes, gluten, and dairy. Okay, I think that's enough
for now, don't you? I have been reading the pain magazine that Donna posted
the link to here and have enjoyed reading the articles about the various
types of arthritis. I am also keeping a pain, etc., journal that I just
started this morning. Have a pain-free day everyone!

Gentle hugs,