To all those who are here for help, advice, comfort, support, and/or
friendship, you have come to the right place.

This is a support group for people with arthritis and those with other
auto-immune diseases which cause arthritic symptoms. Some come seeking
advice. Some, a sympathetic ear. Some seek the latest in research and

Don't be put off by the lack of posts, the presence of spam, or posts about
viruses, the implication of an overabundance of a metal, or other such
theories of what causes arthritis or how one can cure it with diet

Why is this NG fairly quiet? Most of us have decamped to a closed group
which allows us to be free of spammers. Regulars here have years and even
decades of information and advice to share. We will be glad to talk to you
and help whenever we can. Just post your message and one of us will respond.
We may be off somewhere else, but we stalwarts are lurking and always
willing to speak up and give some ideas when we can.

Glad you are here but sorry you have the need...