I am a woman who is 60 now and was diagnosed a few months ago with
arthritis, from my neck to my fingers, right down to my toes. I had a very
bad night last night. Lots of muscle contractions, throbbing and pain
everywhere, my toes, feet, ankles, calves, rip up my legs to my hips. I am
VERY depressed about it because I cannot sleep well at all at night and am
so exhausted! The only thing that helps me is Percocet. My GP is great,
but he will not prescribe any narcotics. :-( The only way I got Percocet
was by going to the ER on Oct. 31st and staying overnight. The next
morning, the new ER doc gave me a script for Percocet for stomach pain, etc.
I do not abuse it. I only use it when I am in terrible pain and walking it
off does not help. I started to run out of it and had a gyno appt. After
the appt., I asked my gyno if HE would prescribe Percocet to me and
explained that no other doctor of mine would give it to me. He wanted to
give me Fiorinal, but I told him I had used it before for migraines and it
is really only for migraines. I also told him that there is aspirin in it
and I cannot tolerate aspirin. He was surprised to hear that it did not
come with Tylenol. I live in Canada and told him that it only comes with
Tylenol in the States. He finally agreed to give me a script for Percocet.
This is a long story so I will make it short. I have been an
anxiety/panic/depression/agoraphobia, etc., person since 1984. I am doing
very well with all those disorders except for the depression on and off for
the past few weeks. I have increased the Imipramine, but need to increase
it more since I cannot sleep well due to the pain. I also have a good
neurologist here that referred me to another neurologist who is also a
psychiatrist and does electrodiagnostic testing. I will see him on Jan. 2nd
and cannot wait! I am pretty sure he will be testing me for M.S., of all
things. :-( I have had tingling and numbness and pain from my toes to my
hips. Also, I get a lot of pain in my arms, elbows, hands, fingers, wrists,
etc. I have some good day and then I don't take any Percocet. I have typed
a list of things for this new guy for the 2nd and then added a few things on
the bottom that I had forgotten to write. I also have severe memory loss,
of the present. Anyone ever hear of Dr. Desai in Windsor, ON, Canada? He
is the doctor I will be seeing on the 2nd. I guess that's all for now. I
wish you all a pain-free day! Thank you for listening to me. :-)