I was just wondering if anyone here has felt their throat get narrower and
have a hard time swallowing? My throat has done this and I do have a hard
time swallowing I would say almost all of the time that I eat anything. I
think it started feeling this way since either Sept. or Oct. 2012. I
mentioned it to my allergist back then. She requested my GI doc to take a
biopsy of the upper part of my throat while he did the Scope on me some time
in Nov. I have not heard a thing about it so I would guess that the biopsy
was negative for anything serious, but I can't help wondering why in the
world has it closed up as much as it has. I almost choke to death several
times a week and this is with very, very small cut up pieces of apple,
Empire, which are very soft to begin with. Just wondering if it had
anything to do with arthritis or not? TIA