5:19PM Hello everyone.. Dry site here.. I do hope everyones Arthritic
pains are under control.. I guess no posts in this Discuss Group means
everyone that was posting here at one time are now all on FaceBook.. I
know Donna G posts sometimes.. Stop by once in awhile and let this group
know how you all are doing.. I stop by to see if anyone is posting
here.. My complaints are too numerous, and would take up too much space
to be listing them often.. I am very thankful for all being as well as

My Prayers continue for all those in Sandys path.. Stay safe, and
cautious at all times.. If told to Evacuate, Please do so.. This
Storm/Hurricane is serious.. Said to be worse than the last one.. We
have been getting lots of wind, and a drop in temperature.. It looks
like the trees and bushes are doing the Zumba from the windyness...