Hi guys, I just wanted to announce that a new online disability community website has opened up. It can be found at disabilinet.com. The website has got various facilities such as the chat room, a forum, blogs, groups and a news section.

It's a little bit like Facebook where you will be able to invite people to come on join, is very simple and easy to use, you can even register using your Facebook, google or yahoo details, that makes life very easy as you don't need to go through the registration process choosing username, setting password etc.

Anyway, check it out by visiting the link below and say hello to some of the new members that just joined today!



p.s. I know I'm new here but i'm really excited about this site, i think itwill be big soon!

p.p.s. You can also move your group to disabilinet .. if you think that's agood idea since it can give you more flexibility

Once again .. http://www.disabilinet.com/