The prostatitis green therapy medicine using instruction
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When you get up in the morning, take two spoon of bee pollen and two
spoon of bee honey after mixing them with lukewarm water, and take the
propolis capsule and royal jelly capsule.
Decoct medicinal herbs: Decoct medicinal herbs: a bag of Chinese herb
medicine can be decocted for four times, boil the entire bag of
medicine at one time, pour the water to submerge the herb medicine at
each time for boiling, after boiling, pour out all the water to drink.
At the second time then pour in water to boil again. Decoct in the
morning and in the evening. Drink the medicine water after each
decocting, it means drink the herb medicine water twice a day. So a
bag of Chinese herb medicine can be used for two days.
Use clay pot or enamel pot to boil to boiling (You can't use metal pot
to boil, because the metal can make some chemical reaction with herb
medicine, it will be harm for your health.), then turn to slow fire to
simmer gently for 15 minutes, then pour out all the medicine water to
a bowl, wait it to be cool and drink it.
A bag of medicine can be boiled for four times. Before you bath, boil
the herb medicine to boiling, then extinguish the fire, wait the water
turn to 40°C, pour all the medicine water to a basin, then sit at the
basin for about 5 minutes. So a bag of herb medicine can be used for
four days.
Take a bag of medicine powder, use a little mature vinegar mix to
sticky shape, divide into two parts, apply the ointment on two kraft
papers separately, (the kraft paper is required clean and about 3*4
cm). Apply to pass head (below belly button about three fingers wide)

The green circle is pass head acupoint

life gate (locate at the back of human body bone, face to belly
button directly, use your finger turn star from your belly button
parallel around your waist to your back of human body bone, so it is
life gate), use three pieces of rubberized to pasted at top, middle
and down part. Change the medicine powder every 24 hours, usually
change the new applying medicine after bath.
Mature vinegar can be bought at the market, more fresh more better,
you had better keep dark for mature vinegar. it’s color is black. You
can’t use vinegar concentrate or other kinds of vinegar to substitute
Mature vinegar.
After you applied ointment for three or four days. The location of
applying ointment will appear red and swollen, itch, pustule and lose
a piece of skin phenomenon. This is special medicine reaction, it is
draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part. More reaction
means much better. Usually the pass head reaction more obviously than
life gate. Because pass head connects bladder and prostate. The life
gate coordinates all the urinary organs. The germs make much pus in
prostate every day, so the pass head reaction is obviously, it draw
out prostate’s pus.
If the skin damage, stop applying ointment for one or two days, wait
the skin to recover. The damaged location can be washed by warm water,
but it never cause infection. Because the mature vinegar kill germ,
the ointment kill germ too, and the medicine powder have been
disinfected and sealed. After you apply the ointment for twenty days,
when the most of pus has been draw out, the reaction appearance will
be more gently.
If there are no reactions, you will recover soon. So you only need to
use half of bag medicine powder at one time to apply two acupoint. So
one bag of medicine powder can be used for two days.
Mature vinegar have to be preserved by shutting out the sunlight in
The prostate rehabilitator can be used in your sleeping, put the probe
on your Meeting yin (perineum) when you go to bed, time for 30 to 40
minutes for one time cure. The temperature is only used to let you
don’t feel cold, the real useful cure is rehabilitator generates a
kinds of high frequency wave and magnetism pulse to prostate. It can
stimulate immunity, promote prostate capillary blood circulation,
improve the prostate deposit condition.
You needn't push the jounce button and the music button in the using
of rehabilitator. the music is useless in the curing, the jounce voice
is too loud and it noise too. The temperature button only need to turn
to zero degree, because the temperature is useless in cure, it only
let you don't feel cold in the winter. The real effective cure is the
probe wave, when you turn on the rehabilitator, put the probe to you
ear, you can hear the low voice of wave, it is the real work. Put the
probe to you perineum , when you go to bed, turn to 30 minutes or 40
minute, so when you go sleep, the rehabilitator can turn off
automatically . You only need to use the rehabilitator once or twice
in a day, only use it when you go to bed is enough.

6. Qi Gong practise instruction:

This kinds of Qi Gong absorb the cream of many kinds of useful Qi
Gong. It aim at strengthen your body and cure disease. It also can
help other to cure disease and defend yourself. This kinds of Qi Gong
is easy to learn and won't cause any deviation.
You will fell it effectiveness only after practicing it one or two
days. After more than one hundred thousands of Chinese people to prove
that it is the best curing disease and strengthen body science QiGong
method. It has great effectiveness in prostatitis treatment.
This kinds of QiGong require movement and rest quietly to recuperate
combination, pay attention to idea, but you body and idea need to be
relax and natural. You not only practice breath but also practice
action, so you won't feel monotonous. When you have master it and
skilled, you can practice QiGong and walk at the same time. You only
need to use idea and needn't use physical strength. Such as in the
third and the fourth trick, you use idea to lead the vital energy to
your palm's palace toil, but your hand needn't put forth your
strength. Only after several months, the vital energy can reach the
palm's palace toil naturally, so you can be great strength.
THE FIRST EXERCISE: (picture x1)
Stand on your foot naturally, relax your whole body, at first, Imagine
your head relax, the follow is relax your neck, bosom, arm, hand,
belly, leg and foot. Relax from up to down. The tip of the tongue
touch the upper jaw, close your eye or watch tree, pay an idea to you
belly about one minute. You arm like to hold a ball, the palms face
your belly, depart about 20cm from your belly. Now, you can practice
deep breathing.
Do deep breathing by your nose, it require you breath slowly, evenly
deeply. When you draw the deep breath, imagine the tree's air or the
natural air is inhaled to your nose and draw to your belly , when you
inhale the fresh air, your arm and belly expand. After draw enough,
stop for one or two seconds, then breathe out slowly by your nose, you
needn't imagine anything in your breath out, it means that don't
imagine breath out the air. When you breath out, your belly draw back
a little. When you draw the deep breath, expand your palm to depart a
little far from your belly, like holding a ball of air. When you
breathe out slowly, you palm can draw back a little. Repeat to
practice this exercise for 10 to 20 minutes.
This exercise theory: lead the natural fresh air and your congenital
vitality to combine. So it can strengthen your vital energy and
eliminate unhealthy trends. It has great effectiveness to your
digestive system and urinary organ. The palm's expanding and
contracting is the best way to massage your internal organs. This
exercise enrich your vital energy.
THE SECOND EXERCISE: (picture x2--x5)
Stand on your foot naturally, relax your whole body, up hold your
hands to the upper-front of your head, when you rise your hand, you
have to keep your arm straightly and balance, the hollow of the palm
toward upper, when your hand up hold to the highest, the hollow of the
palm will toward the back, and the finger toward the sky. The two
arms' distant as wide as tour shoulder. When you uphold your hand,
breathe out slowly and deeply by your nose, you needn't imagine
anything in your breath out, it means that don't imagine breath out
the air. After you uphold to the highest, then the two palms turn back
to the front of your belly, the hollow of your palm toward to the
land, the two hand fingers face each other. At the same time, draw
deep breath, imagine the natural fresh air or tree's air draw in your
nose and lead to your belly accompany with your hand moving.
Repeat practicing this exercise for ten minutes.
The second exercise theory: Through absorb natural energy, bring up to
full strength your vital energy. It has great effect to chronic
disease marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering of body
resistance. It can remove the ill energy too.
THE THIRD EXERCISE: (picture x6-x7)
Stand naturally, then bend you lags a little. The hollow of your palm
toward the sky, the two hands' finger face each other, hold your palms
rise from your belly front to your nose front, draw deep breathe at
the same time, contract you belly, throw out your chest when your
hands rise to the front of your nose. Stop 1 or 2 seconds, turn over
your palm, descend slowly to your front of belly, breathe out slowly
at the same time, expand your belly a little. Your hand 's fingers
face each other when you rise or descend your hands. When you rise
your hands, imagine hold two pagodas, when you descend your hands,
imagine push down two wood’s piles into the land.
Repeat to practice this exercise for nine times.
This exercise theory: The vital energy move in your chest and belly,
dredge your internal organs of the body. It has effectiveness to
digestive system and respiratory system.
THE FOURTH EXERCISE: (picture x8-x10)
Stand naturally, then bend your leg a little, extend your arms
horizontal from two sides. The hollow of your palm toward the land,
then the two palms roll down slowly to your armpits, draw deep breathe
at the same time, contract you belly. Then flex your wrist, the hollow
of palms toward outside, the fingers toward upward, push your hand
toward two side slowly, breathe out slowly at the same time, expand
your belly, imagine a stream of air low to bell from chest center, the
other two stream of air more from chest center to palace toil acupoint
through two arms, but the stream of air can't launch out of your hand,
if launch out, it will consume your energy. Repeat to practise the
exercise for nine times.
THE FIFTH EXERCISE: (picture x11)
Stand naturally, your arms hand down naturally, pay attention to you
belly for a few seconds, then begin to practice cycle breathe and
direct your strength through concentration from belly button to life
gate acupoint to perineum. Draw deep breathe, imagine draw in the
natural air from belly button to life gate at the same time, contract
your belly a little, then breathe out slowly, imagine the stream of
air move to perineum acupoint at the same time. When the stream of air
arrive meeting yin (perineum), breathe naturally, then imagine the
stream of air move to belly button. Repeat the cycle breath and the
stream of air moving for 10 minutes.
The function of the fifth exercise:
This exercise can cure prostatitis , cure urinary organs disease. But
you have to practice the first and the second trick at first, only
after bring up to full strength of energy, then to move the stream of
air in your body.
THE SIX EXERCISE: (picture x12-x13)
Stand naturally, pay attention to your belly for a few second, then
imagine a stream of air come down to meeting yin (perineum), begin to
draw deep breathe at this moment, contract you anus, imagine the
stream of air move from perineum acupoint through governing vessel to
hundred convergences, stop for two seconds, then begin breathe out
slowly, imagine the stream of air move from hundred convergences
through controlling vessel to your upper lip, the tip of your tongue
touch your upper jaw. So the stream of air can continue move through
controlling vessel to return back to your belly. Repeat this
practicing for 9 times. You can guide the stream of air moving by your
gesture, when you draw deep breathe, your two hands rise from back to
your head top, the hollow of your palms face hundred convergences,
when you breathe out deeply, descend your two hands to the belly
front, the hollow of palms face your belly. Repeat practise this
exercise for nine times
Stand naturally, then bend your legs a little, the two hands hold up
in front of your chest, the two palms face each other., apart as your
shoulder’s wideness, the two arm stretch in front of your body. When
you draw deep breathe, imagine your two palms’ stream of airs return
back to chest center accupoint, then to palace toil through the inside
of your two arms. But you can’t launch the stream of air out of your
palms, avoid waste your energy, repeat this practice for 9 times.
The exercise function: Move the stream of air among hand, chest, and
belly, practice more and more, you not only can strengthen your body,
but also can strengthen your hand’s power.
The end of the practicing work:
Stand naturally, the two hands like to embrace an air mass in front of
your belly, pay attention to your belly inside for a few second, so
the QiGong practice is over.
Points for attention:
(1). Practice once or twice in a day.
(2). Don’t practice after meals in 40 minutes. Because after meal, the
food weight tour stomach, so you can’t relax your body, the stomach’s
blood vessel can’t circulate smoothly.
(3). After you practicing in 30 minutes, you can’t eat cold drink or
cold foods, you can’t have a cold water bath too. Because after
practicing QiGong, the blood capillary expand, if you suffer cold at
once, you will catch cold.
(4). You can practise the first, the second and the fifth exercise
when you walk at the same time.

Life gate: locate at the back of the human body, it locate at the
governing vessel, it face the belly button straightly. You can use
your finger star from your belly button, turn along your waist levelly
to your middle back bone (lumbar vertebra), so it is life gate here,
life gate face the belly button directly, but it at the back of human
Pass head: blow belly button, apart from belly button about three
fingers wide, locate at controlling vessel.
Meeting yin (perineum): between anus and scrotum
Chest center: locate at controlling vessel, at the intersect of
controlling vessel and the two nipple’s link line.
Controlling vessel: at the front of your body’s middle line, begin
from your lower lip to your anus.
Governing vessel: at the back of your body’s middle line, from anus
to the top of your head (hundred convergence) to the
point of between the eyebrows to your upper lip.
Palace toil: at the center interior line of your arm and hand.
Hundred convergences: at the top of your head.
If you feel this kinds of Qi Gong’s miraculous effect after you
practice it,
You can consider to practice this kinds of Qi Gong's supper trick

Picture x3: the hollow of two palm toward back.
Picture x4: the two hand turn back in front of the head, the hollow of
two palm toward down, the two hand's fingers face each other.
Picture x5: the two hand drop down in front of your belly, the hollow
of two palm toward down, the two hand's fingers face each other.
Picture x6: the hollow of two palms toward upward, the two hand's
finger's face each other.
Picture x7: the two hands go up to in front of your nose, then turn
your hollow of palms, drop down your hands.
Picture x10: the two palms push toward the left or the right side

Picture x12: the two hand's hollow face the hundred meeting
Picture x14: the two hand hold up in front of your body, the hollow of
two palms face each other.

Perhaps, you can't understand my instruction only by words, I can post
the QiGong practise action picture to you

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