The prostatitis patients consults

Answer for the prostatitis patients consults

1. What is the different between prostatitis without bacteria
infection and prostatitis with bacteria infection?

The prostatitis with bacteria infection usually cause by the
bacteria infected urethra, then the bacteria go up to infect bladder,
prostate, testis, seminal vesicle, epiddymis,etc urinary organs. Such
as bladderis bloated and ache (underbelly is bloated and ache),urethra
itchy, testis and prostate bloate and ache symptom.There are some
patients' prostatitis is caused by a certain organ serious infection
(such as skin, tonsil,ear, intestines, stomach or kidney infection),
this infection invade the blood by small pus embolus, then through
infection bacteremia or through lymph system spread to prostate.

Usually after 7 days of urethritis beginning, the bacteria can
infect to prostate. If the infection is longer than two months, it is
subacute. If the infection is longer than 3 months, it is chronic. If
you had been chronic of the whole urinary organs infection, you
needn't use antibiotic anymore. In the acute infection period, you can
both use chinese herb medicine and sensitive antibiotic to cure
completely without stopping, most of case can be recovered. But if
you had been chronic, the bacteria had invaded to skin under the
mucosa, invaded into prostate hidden obstinately, so it will bring
more difficult for treatment.

The prostatitis without bacteria infection is caused by the
prostate hyperaemia excessively. Such as driver occupational disease,
the seat bump to constrict prostate. When you sex excessively and bear
not to drain sperm, eating too much pungent and hot food or drinking
too much lead to damp and hot drop to bladder. In these cause, there
are not bacteria infection in prostate, so it is called prostatitis
without bacteria infection, it is easy to cure. Chinese medicine
treatment is the best selection, improve the blood circulation and
break up the block, cooperate practising QiGong to promote the blood
circulation, dredge the main and collateral channels, repair the
damage prostate tissue. The prostate rehabilitator can stimulate the
prostate micro- blood circulation too. Such as when you feel prostate
pain, only need to use the rehabilitator for 30 minutes, the pain will
release or disappear. The bee products provide the nutrition for
prostate recover and enhance the resistance and energy.

Judging whether prostatitis with bacteria infection or without
bacteria infection, main depend on whether the urethra, bladder,
testis have infection symptom. If you have, it must be prostatitis
with bacteria infection. Beside bacteria , the others micro-organism
infection(Mycoplasma, chlamydia,fungus, trichomonad, ect) are also
belong to prostatitis with bacteria infection.

2. If you can't be tested out bacteria in your prostate liquid or
urine, can it be said that you have recovered?

The prostatitis with bacteria infection must accompany the whole
urinary organs infection. After it had been chronic, the human body's
resistency will be stronger and adapt to the bacteria. All the living
thing can adapt each other, so the symptom of chronic is much
alleviated than symptom of acute. If you persevere in treatment, you
will even feel no symptom. This is in a stalemate, neither human being
nor the bacteria can win completely. If the bacteria consistency can't
achieve enough high to be tested, the doctor can't find bacteria in
your prostate secretion. But if you eat the hot food or had a cold,
the body's resistence will be weaken, so the symptoms will be clearer,
perhaps you will be tested out bacteria now. So if you want to judge
whether you had recovered totally, not only need to judge by the test,
but also need to judge by the symptom. After you had recovered, you
need to stop eating the inappropriate food for 3 months.

3. Why the prostatitis disease is the unsolve medical problem in the

The prostatitis is really an unsolve medical problem in the
world. Not only in China, but also in the USA and European countray,
all the doctors are headache for it. There are more than 180 foreign
country prostatitis patients have used my green therapy.(Such as USA,
German, Canada, England, Indian, HongKong, Singapore, Norway, Austria,
Nigerian, Malaysia, Australia,Nepal,South korea and so on). They all
get good effectiveness, most of them had totally recovered, the
others are in treatment now.In china, there are chinese patients buy
the medicine and use my green therapy to cure prostatitis every day.
If they obey my requirement of stopping eating the improper foods and
insist practising Qigong, they all can be recovered. About 2300
chinese patients had recovered by my method in the past three years.

If the prostatitis can't be recover for long time, it will cause
sterility, hyperplasia and calcification. The prostate cancer occur
rate is high in USA and European country. Why prostatitis is so
difficulty to cure? I think the there are follow cause : (1) At first,
it is relate to the prostate special structure, the prostate envelope
is fatty envelope. Not only medicine aqueous solution but also
mediicne fat solution is difficult to permeate into prostate. (2) The
bacteria corrode the cell of prostate everyday, it produce much toxin
and the toxin is difficult to drain out. Such as you have a running
sore, if you didn't drain out the pus , even if you inject much
antibiotic ,you are difficult to recover too. But if you drain out all
the pus, then spread on a little tincture of iodine, the running sore
will discover soon. In the routine treatment, there are not the
draining out pus function, this is one cause of prostatitis difficult
to cure. In my green therapy, the plaster can draw out the prostate
pus from accupoint. (3) The medicine consistency can't maintain
stable. After you eating or injecting medicine, it only can maintain
high consistency in blood for one hour, only little mediicne can
permeate into prostate, so the bacteria invariably have enough time to
breathing spell, so they will not be killed totally. The bacteria will
propagate large quantities soon. (4) The antibiotic is easy to be
adapted by bacteria, and the antibiotic kill the valuable bacteria
which in human body, so it will make bacteria community imbalance, it
will easy to make duality infection. Antibiotic is imposible to cure
chronic prostatitis. The antibiotic or too deficiency of vital energy
and lowering of body resistance chinese medicine have great sideffect,
and they will lead to the constitution becaming bad. If the vital
energy became bad, the unhealthy enviromental influences that cause
disease will be brisk, so the prostatitis will be more difficult to
recover. (5) The prostatitis patients are difficult to stop eating the
unfavourable foods. In the treatment , to stop eating unfaverable
foods requirement is strict, because chinese medicine and foods'
nature are similar. If you go to restaurant or noshery to eat , the
foods usually be put garlic or ginger inside. In Mcdonald and
Kuntucky, there are many backon meat or deep fried potatoes, they are
all hot foods, the patients is difficult to avoid eating them, so it
is hard to cure. (6) The bacteria corrode the prostate cell every day,
so it will make the prostate's texture changed greatly, such as it
change into bigger, sclerosis, hyperplasia, calcication, etc. So it
will make the prostate blood circulation appear some dead space, the
micro-blood circulation is very feeble, so the medicine is more
difficult to permeate into it. It is a Garden of Eden for bacteria.
Such as the dirty water in the sewer, even though you pour a basin
antibiotic into the sewer, still can't kill all the bacteria in the
sewer, and it will change back to stink sewer soon. But if you build a
brook here , change it into running water , all the bacteria will be
washed away, there are no room for the bacteria to hide anymore. So
the ditch will not be stink. In the prostatitis treatment, the
bacteria will not be killed totally until the prostate texture and
micro-blood circulation be repaired to good condition. The traditional
treatment can't do that, you have to cooperate practising QiGong to
repair the prostate texture and micro-blood circulation. I can sure
you can recover by my green therapy. If you want to cure prostatitis ,
you have to solve the above problem. And my green therapy can directe
against the above problem to solve.

4.Can the prostatitis patients sex?

The prostatitis patients can sex moderatetly, such as once or
twice in a week moderate sex can help the inflammation secretion and
pus drain out. But you can't sex excessively. If you sex
excessively( such as sex once for one day), it will cause hyperaemia
excessively and consume the essence of life. So it is disadvantage for
prostatitis patients to recover. if you are prostatitis with bacteria
infection, you have to use condom to avoid to infect others. After
sex,use warm water wash away all sperm, avoid the sperm become the
bacteria culture medium.If you infect the other,when you will
recover,the other will infect you again. So infect each other again
and again,you can't recover forever.

5. What merge syptoms do prostatitis patients have?

The prostatitis with bacteria infection must accompany all the
urinary organs infection. Such as urethra, bladder, testis, prostate,
epididymis vesicle, groin lymph all will be infected. Because all the
urinary system are linked. But the symptom are laid particular
emphasis on different infetion part, it depend on different patients
condition. Perhaps some parts have no symptom and some parts symptom
is obvious, but it is seldom rise to infect kidney, some bacteria(such
as streptococcus and bubercle bacillus) is easy to infect kidney. If
you get pyelonephritis, it will be more trouble, so you ought to cure
actively, prevent infecting kidney. The prostatitis patients usually
symptom is urethra itch and ache, underbelly bloate and
pain(cystitis), testitis oedema and abdominal distenton, epididymis
pain, perineum expend and pain, penis root itch(varicosity infection),
lumbago( it can cause by cystitis or by prolonged illness makes weak
kidney's lumbago), groin uncomfortable( lymph lie in groin, it is the
immunity system that engulf bacteria, but if it can't win, it will
become inflamed too),prolonged ilness will cause sexualfunction and
desire be much weaken or dispear, blood sperm, impotence, premature
ejaculation and barrenness, etc. Vigour symptom are low spirits,
dizzy, tired out, etc.

6. Can different kinds of bacteria infetion prostatitis all be cured
by chinese herb medicine?

The prostatitis can be infected by bacteria( such as bacilli ,
staphylococcus, gonococcus, streptococcus, mould, colon bachomonad,
etc), fungus(such as genital candidiasis), chlamydia, Mycoplasma,
trichomonad etc pathongen. Chinese herb medicine anti all bacteria and
the prescription can antipyretic and reduce eczema, drain the pus out,
diuresis, invigorate the circulation of blood and get rid of stasis,
kill bacteria and recuperate prostate. The prescription is aimed at
prostatitis damp and hot sink, the function of vital energy and the
state of blood are retarded by silt and kidney's vital energy loss.
It kill bacteria but it isn't weak, without side effect. The
prescription not only aim at all the urinary organs infection , but
also stress on prostate, such prescription is secret recipe . Such as
there are some book introduction prescription used safflower to
invigorate the circulation of blood, safflower is very hot, if
prostatitis patients drink it ,it will be more serious. If the
prescription medicine is much deficiency of vital energy and lowering
of body resistance, the patients only can hold out several times for
taking medicine, but if they took longer, it will exhaut their vital
energy and lower of of body resistance. If the constitution be bad,
the disease is more difficult to recover. If you taking the chinese
medicine prescription of killing bacteria had made the symptom very
slight, you can change to take the chinese medicine prescription of
recuperating prostate. The bacteria infection prostatitis pathogenesis
and symptom are similar, they all have eczema, febrile symptom, silt
up and weak character. So you not only need to see killing bacteria ,
but also need to be aimed at the symptom to organize the prescription,
recuprate the main and collateral channels, the negative the
positive. The ointment, the bath medicine and propolis capsule can
kill bacteria too. Depend by my experience, the bacteria infection is
the most suitable, the chlamydia and Mycoplasma are a kinds of
microorganism that smaller than bacteria. They are easier to suit
antibiotic and they have great vitality, so they have to be cured by
chinese medicine. The treatment of fungus and trichomonad infection
prescription have a liittle different. If you want to enhance the
killing bacteria ability, you can eat many purslane. The chinese
medicine prescription would not be suited by bacteria, but the single
chinese medicine perhaps will be suited by bacteria after long period
taking, because all the organism can be siuted each other.

If your orchitis is serious , you can inject the accupoint that
lie at the two side of pubes by Herba Andrographitis or Herb
Houttuyniae injection liquid for several times appropriately. Because
the testis is handed out side your body, the eating medicine is
difficult to reach them. if the medicine density can't reach high, it
will be difficult to ease the inflamation. Inject the accupoint can
make the medicine density reach hingh around the testis quickly. When
the inflammation ease, then drink the chinese medicine to consolidate.
The chinese medicine hospital accupuncture and moxibustion doctor can
inject and I can inject too. if you urethritis symptom is
serious( such as urethra red and swelling),you can use 3 spoon vinegar
mix a cup of cool boiled water, put your penis into the cup to dip in
for a few minute, so it can kill bacteria in your urethra at once,
because all the bacteria can't live in acidity liquid.

7. How will prostatitis influence eugenesis?

If the prostatitis can't be cure for long time, only some
patients will lead to be unable to have children, still no report said
that it will cause foetus malformation. If you have prostatitis with
bacteria infection, it must accompany all the urinary organs
infection, the bacteria erode your testis everyday, influent the
sperms producing and its quality. So the jism will change into very
thin, if the sperms quantity amount can't reach enough high for
pregnant,so it will be difficult for wife pregnant. Because only the
best sperm swim fast to meet the germ cell, so the sperm quality is
not bad, so it hardly cause the new born baby's malformation. The
bacteria etch your prostate everyday, it will make it's texture change
greatly. So it will influent the prostate liquid producing and it
can't nurish sperm, and it will influence pregnant too. The
prostatitis without bacteria infection influence pregnancy too, but it
is less than the influence of prostatitis with bacteria infection.
If you have the infection, you are easy to infect your wife, if your
wife have been infection, your wife have to take medicine in the
pregnant, so it will influence embryo greatly. So I suggest you to
bear children after you recovered. If your symptom is not serious,
and the bacteria can't reach enough, it will not infect your wife,
because the female vagina is acidity, acid can kill bacteria, it is
not easy to be infected.

8. Why the stop eating food requirement is so strict in the
prostatitis treatment?

In the chinese medicine treatment, the medicine and food belong
to the same category. The prostatitis are very sensitive to hot
food( Such as litchi, dog, pumpkin,etc), incentive food(such as
ginger, garlic, wine,ect),cause swelling food(such as mushroom), cause
sliting food(such as Colla Corri and pork-foot), stinking food(such as
shrimp, crab,fish, mutton, etc). The prostatitis wiil be sevious at
once after eating the above kinds of food. If you are cureed by
chinese medicine , you take the herb medicine of reducing internal
heat and dampness, eliminating pus and killing bacteria, invigorating
the circulation of blood and diiolving slit, but you take the unsuit
the proatatitis recover food at the same time, this is tantamount to
take the medicine in vain.

Eating the ginger or garlic once tantamount to take medicine for
five days in vain. Eating seafood once tantamount to take medicine for
ten days in vain. Eating dog once tantamount to take medicine for 15
days in vain. The hot foods will make the bacteria propagate quickly,
the hot foods' biological eletromagnetic wave conform to the
bacteria's eletromagnetic wave. The stinking food will make the
prostate more difficult to dredge and permeate. The causeing slit
foods will make the prostate more sliting. The causing swell food will
make the prostate swell. The protein will change it's properties in
high tempreture( above 200 celsius degree), it will change into hot
food after burnt. Such as the burnt meat is very hot,(If the meat was
boiled by water , the tempreture isn't exceed 100 celsius degree, it
won't be hot food.) so the roast meat and the micro-wave oven
processing food is hot,(The micro-wave oven processing temperature is
above 100 celsius degree.)You can't eat them. Such as the boiling
peanut isn't hot, but stir-fried peanut is hot. The normal stir-fried
meat and vegetable with oil isn't hot, you can eat them. The irritant
food contain teh hot composition and the hinder the prostate dredging
composition. The stop eating foods requirement are listed on my cure
method No.7 point, please brownce it for detail. If you incaution eat
a little hot food , you had better eat some cold food to release the
hot effectiveness at once, such as eat watermelon, pear, white radish
etc, they can neutralize a little the hot food.

9. What tonic or nourishing foods should the prostatitis patients
take to build up their health?

Prostatitis patients suffer from general debility after
prolonged illness. Weak kidney energy can't nourish cerebrum, so the
patient will be dizzy, the memory is falling, tired, impotence, even
the hair turn white or trichomadesis.

The prostatitis patients can't take vulcanize chinese medicine as
tonic, only can take moderate tonic and light tonic. The royal jelly
is the best suit food to build up prostatitis patients health., build
up patients resistance to disease. The prostatitis patients can use
Beiqi, Duzhong, Lianmi,Yimi, Cishi, Heidou,Shouwu, Shanshen, Yuzhu,
Huaishan, Goujizi, Dangshen, Xiyangshen, etc light tonic to stew
chicken,duck,pork,pigeon,etc to nurish. You can take more grape, pear,
watermelon, sugarcane, radish, wax gourd, towel gourd, etc cool melon
and fruit in the normal time.

10.Are there any good treatment methods for An Enlarged Prostate
(BPH) and prostate hyperplasia ?

The bacteria corrode the prostate everyday, prolonged illness will
cause the prostate hyperplasia, bigger, sclerosis, even calcification,
The old men Enlarged Prostate (BPH) is cause by the old age and the
prostate fuction falling, sex hormone maladjustment, dampness and hot
slit up to make the texture change, the prostate hasn't bacteria
infection. some patients will cause calcification, it means that the
texture is very hard in the calcification zone, and the blood
circulation will change into putrescence in this zone, the toxin can't
drain , the toxin will cause the prostate condition change and the
cell aberrance, so some patients will develope to prostate
cancer .So An Enlarged Prostate (BPH) had better use chinese medicine,
physiotherapy(prostate rehabilitator), food therapy and practising
QiGong, cooperate to cure. Take the chinese medicine to stimulate the
prostate blood circulation, destroy the silt, diuresis. Applying the
plaster make the medicne consistency maintain stable to effect the
prostate, use prostate rehabilitator to improve the prostate micro-
blood circulation.( Such as when your prostate pain, use the prostate
rehabilitator only for 30 minutes, the pain will ease at once.)
Practising QiGong to dredge the passages through which vital energy
circulates, remove the ill energy, repair the prostate texture.
Eating the bee product to recuperate, and provide the nutrition for
prostaterepair.My green therapy can remove the calcification and cure
prostate cancer too.

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