I know some of you, or your family members, take even more pills than I do,
or have to take them more often than 4x/day which can make laying them out in
advance and/or taking what you need for the day more complicated. when my SIL
was still alive, she and my brother worked out a system that worked really
well for this. (She was on oodles of stuff, very spread out for optimal
timing.) I thought I'd share it in case anyone else finds it advantageous.
(believe it or not, the below is edited from a MUCH longer reply from him
about the method!)

I use 2 mil reclosable poly zip bags - the 2x3" but they come in many sizes
at Office Depot or the like, in the shipping section. 2x3" holds a lot of
pills. They have many other sizes for every need and preference. In the store
they are available in smaller quantities. They come with or without hang
holes. I can generally use each bag several times, tossing them at any sign
of wear or difficulty removing the label.

I put them on a memo spindle -- the sort of thing you stick used receipts,
memos, etc. on. Most of the time, the pills waiting to be taken are on one
and the empty bags on another. The poly bags with a "hang hole" go on the
spindles easily but come off perhaps too easily. If they don't have holes,
you can force the top edge (above the zipper) over the spindle, the way the
spindles were intended to be used -- they are harder to get on and off but
will not fall off on their own, especially when you accidentally grab more
than one bag to take off.

I print labels using 1/2" x 1-3/4" labels, "return address labels". I print
from a spreadsheet -- enter the starting date in one cell and all the cells
fill in. Each is labeled with date, day of week, and time to take the pills.
More detail of course can be added. I can also add reminders -- the shaded
Tuesday morning label reminds me to take my alendronate, and the Wednesday
morning label has a large W to remind me to weigh myself.

I've been through various methods of filling them -- that part is definitely
more cumbersome than filling the normal multi-day containers but it
definitely has advantages in flexibility. You pick up however many bags you
need when going somewhere.

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