I'm sorry that I had to copy an email I sent and paste it here, but I am too
exhausted to write all of this over again. I KNOW you all will understand.
:-) Thank you!

Hello Everyone,

These are the tests I have to get done on 1/16 at Met. Hospital at 8:40 a.m.
and 9:40 a.m.: Methacholine Challenge Testing (Bronchial Provocation) and
Pulmonary Function Testing (breathing tests) to see if it's actually the
asthma causing the breathing problems or my lungs. I'll be blowing my lungs
in and out of all kinds of things for the tests. LOL These have been
requested by my allergist, who is GREAT and really on top of things. She
does not know why my throat has been partially closed since either Sept. or
Oct. She said I have to address this, unfortunately, with my GP. She just
does not know why. She said the throat biopsy was benign and the nodule on
my left lung (very small) is benign also, but my GP wants to CT Scan it
again in a year, less because it was found some time in Oct. 2012. She gave
me an asthma test before and after the Ventylin was breathed in. She said
the Symbicort puffer that I use once a night is helping my asthma and lungs,
so far. So, she wants me to stay on it nightly. She also said I could use
a nasal gel for the dry patches of skin on the upper part of my nostrils and
that should help keep them moist. She is referring me to an eye doctor,
Don's doctor hopefully, so he can check out why my eyes hurt so much and are
so red all the time, etc., again since around Oct. Well, that's about it, I
think. Do you think there are enough things wrong with me? LOL Do you
think I should go visit my Mom in Florida and go in the hot tub again? LOL
See...I can still laugh about it, eh? Thank you all for listening and
supporting me once again! I will find answers, eventually. :-)


I forgot to mention about my thyroid, especially to Donna :-). My allergist
said that all my thyroid tests were in the normal range and showed me the
test results. I had a copy of all those test results with me. She said she
was certain that I do not have an overactive thyroid. If I want to have an
x-ray done, especially to see if I have a goiter, I will let my GP know on
1/14, as I want him to address the problem of my partially closed throat,

Gentle hugs,