Just wondering if any of you have had this experience with your arthritis.
During the night and up until the early morning, my legs move all over the
bed trying to find a *cool* spot. Most times my hands will do the same
thing, but not as much as my legs and feet. I find myself hanging my legs
over the side of the bed to be in the cool air in the bedroom since it is so
cold outside. My legs are continuously moving to find those cool spots, but
I do not have restless leg syndrome. Usually when I finally find a cool
spot, I can fall asleep for a little while and then I wake up again and it
starts all over again. For some unknown reason, my legs, feet and hands
seem to feel more comfortable in a cool environment, until I get outside in
the REAL cold and then my arthritis doesn't like it at all. LOL I hope
some of you can shed some light on this weird experience. I have been doing
this for quite awhile and will tell my regular neuro when he finally returns
from vacation and I get an appt. to see him. TIA Stay well!

Gentle hugs,